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Our recent paper in Molecular Cell reveals distinct m1A methylome in nuclear- and mitochondrial-encoded transcripts [2017-11-01]
We developed a radiolabeling-free, qPCR-based method for locus-specific pseudouridine detection [2017-10-14]
Our recent paper Deciphers TAL effectors for 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine recognition [2017-10-12]
Dr. Yi has been promoted to associate professor with tenure [2017-09-07]
Congrats to Chenxu and Xiaoting for their outstanding Ph.D. defense! [2017-06-25]
We had a unforgettable outing at Yanqi Lake [2017-04-19]
We developed CLEVER-seq to detect 5-formylcytosine in pluripotent stem cells and mouse early embryos at single-cell and single-base resolution [2017-03-24]
List of scholarship winners in 2015-2016 [2017-01-04]
Dr. Yi received the 2016 Chinese Chemical Society Award for Outstanding Young Chemist [2017-01-01]
Dr. Yi received the 2016 WuXi PharmaTech Life Science and Chemistry Award [2016-12-12]
Congrats to Xiaoyu for her outstanding Ph.D. defense! [2016-12-07]
Our recent paper in Angewandte Chemie reports a sequencing method to detect cisplatin-DNA adducts in the human genome [2016-10-20]
Meiling joined our group [2016-07-20]
Our recent PNAS paper reveals a novel mechanism of base excision repair [2016-06-26]
We had a wonderful outing in the Olympic Forest Park [2016-06-05]
Menghao and Xushen passed the doctoral qualifying exam [2016-06-05]
Our N1-methyladenosine methylome work is published in Nature Chemical Biology [2016-04-20]
Zhicong and Zhixin joined our group [2016-04-19]
The Yi-lab website came online successfully, congratulations! [2016-04-18]
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